When the cupcakes were frosting, they weren’t real

The Cupcakes Squad are here to tell you the truth about what they were when they first came to life, but they didn’t come out looking too great.

The first time they were revealed on a live show, the group had all been wearing red and gold, a mix that is still a favourite of fans, but the colour has since changed.

As the group slowly gained recognition in the UK, the idea that they might not look as cute as they do now became clear, and soon the name was changed to ‘Cupcakes’.

The truth is, the cupcake squad were originally supposed to be a mix of red and black, and this has stuck with the group since.

The group have always been one of the most popular and versatile in the group, and despite their early popularity, the real Cupcakes are more than just a name, as they’ve become a staple in pop culture and have become a regular part of every family’s birthday parties.

In fact, the Cupcakes have become so well-known, that they even have their own sitcom.

In the latest episode of the series, ‘Coffee & Cream’, a group of young cupcakes from the UK get together for a cupcake party and they all have to deal with the aftermath of the previous day’s party.

It’s a big day for the young cupcake girls, who are celebrating their birthday and having the first ever date.

But the surprise of the day is that the cake they have been making for the whole day is actually made from cupcake icing!

The episode also introduces us to some of the characters from the series and also gives us a peek into what’s in store for the future.

As for the cupcream team, they are now known as the ‘Cake Squad’, which means that they are just as popular as their original name.

However, they also have some new roles to fill in the future, with a cupcakes squad featuring the likes of a baby bunny and a cup of tea.

The next episode, ‘Pancake Girls’ will give us the first glimpse into what this new group of cupcakes will look like.

We can also look forward to more future episodes, including ‘Coconut Cupcakes’, which will also give us a closer look at the new cupcakes.

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