When is a cupcake war inevitable? host Tom Pelissero

Host Tom Pelissa talks with the host of the Cupcake Wars podcast, Michelle Malkin, about the possibility of a cupcakes war on The Colbert Report.

Pelisseros is joined by Malkin for a discussion about what’s happening on the Internet and the upcoming season of The Colbert Show.

“The only way I’m going to do this is if we have a cup of coffee with Michelle, and she wants to do it,” Pelisser says.

She says she and Colbert are not the only people who are watching and thinking about a cup-cake war.

“I don’t know if we’re the only ones thinking about it, but it’s interesting to me, too,” she says.

“I can’t wait for it.

And if I don’t get a chance to do the cupcake show in December, it’ll be because of the Internet.

And we can get a good cupcake.

We’ve already made one.”

Malkin says she doesn’t want to be too harsh on Colbert, but she believes that Colbert’s fans will be upset if the host gets his show canceled.

“He’s such a great entertainer.

I don`t think he’ll be happy about it,” she said.

Mitch Daniels, host of The Daily Show, has also spoken out against the idea of a war.

He said that if he were to go, he wouldn’t want Colbert to go.

“If you’re doing something like that, you`re really going to lose it.

You`re not going to be able to defend yourself.

You can`t say, ‘Well, you can`ve done that, but you should have done that.’

He`s going to have to say, `Hey, what`s up?

Why do you think I`m doing that?

“It`s like, ‘Why are you doing that?’ “

I think that`s what happens. “

It`s like, ‘Why are you doing that?’

I think that`s what happens.

He`ll get offended by it.

But I don, too.”

Pelisser, Malkin and Daniels are just a few of the many hosts who have weighed in on the issue of a Cupcake War.