The Pizza Cupcake and Pearls Cupcake are two things that go hand in hand.

The pizza cupcakes are a bit of a surprise, as they are one of the few cupcakes to be completely vegan.

They come in a box that is decorated with colourful cupcakes and patties.

The pearls can be found in a variety of flavours, but they are all vegan.

The cupcakes can be eaten in their traditional way or you can try the pearls in a frosted cupcake. 

The pearls are a simple and tasty cupcake with a sweet and savoury flavour, which are perfect for the warmer months of winter. 

When it comes to the pizza cup, there is no shortage of choices, but here are some of our favourites. 


Peach Pie Cupcakes This peach cupcake is a delicious dessert, perfect for a sunny day in the garden.

It is also perfect for those who are trying to eat a healthy diet, especially if you are vegan. 


Truffle Cupcakes  This is another popular choice for those looking to enjoy a warm cupcake, as the crust is soft and chewy, but not too dense.

The flavours of truffle, banana, and peaches combine to create a delicious, moist and satisfying cupcake that is easy to make. 


Sweet & Spicy Pearls  Another vegan dessert that is delicious, this is a mix of sweet and spicy pearls. 


Strawberry Cupcakes  This strawberry cupcake recipe is easy and a good choice for anyone who enjoys a delicious cupcake or dessert.

The strawberries are also vegan and the chocolate chips are a nice touch. 

5. Sugar Pie A delicious, sweet and spiced dessert that can be enjoyed with friends and family, the sugar pie is a perfect option for those with a low carbohydrate diet. 


Apple Pie This apple pie is one of our favourite vegan treats.

The sweet and salty flavour makes this one a great choice for a light meal with a picnic, or a nice dessert with a group. 


Lemon Apple Pie Another tasty dessert that will have a good crowd at the party, this lemon apple pie has a sweet, savouriness that complements the apple flavour perfectly. 


Creamy Pearls A vegan dessert, this creamy pearls dessert is a great option for the busy holiday season, which can be a stressful time. 


Honey & Ginger Cream Pie A delicious and simple dessert, it is rich in flavour and perfect for enjoying on a cold winter day. 


Berry & Pearls Pie The strawberry, peaches, and lemon pie are all great choices, with a combination of flavours and a soft crust. 


Orange & Lemon Pie  A classic dessert for dessert lovers, this orange & lemon pie is delicious for dessert, as well as a great breakfast treat. 


Spicy & Pineapple Pie An orange & lime pie is another classic dessert that comes with a creamy topping, making this a tasty and easy dessert for those on a diet.13. 

Chocolate & Pearles Pie These chocolate & pearls pies are a good dessert for a chilly morning, or if you want to have a little fun. 


Mango & Pearlis Pie Mango and pearls flavours combined make a delicious combination. 


Breadfruit & Pearlys Pie Bread fruit and pearles are a tasty dessert to enjoy, but this is the best choice for the chilly winter morning. 


Green Apple & Pearlins Pie Green apple & pearles pie is perfect for chilly mornings, but the dessert can be served warm or chilled, which is perfect. 


Carrot Cake & Pearlies Pie Carrot cake & pearlies pie is the perfect treat for those that love a frosting, but can’t find a cupcake to eat it with. 


Almond Pie & Pearlings Pie Almond pie & pearlis pie is an amazing dessert for the cold winter days, and is perfect as a dessert for any holiday party. 


Banana & Pearlers Pie Banana and pearlis pies are both delicious treats, but if you prefer a light cupcake this is perfect! 


Blueberry Pie & Pecan Pie Blueberry pie & pecan pie is for those without a heart. 


White Chocolate & Pearlus Pie White chocolate & pepitas pie is also a great dessert for winter, but for those trying to get healthy, this vegan dessert is great for the whole family. 


Vanilla Pie Vanilla pie is good for anyone, but it is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. 


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