Cupcake Moscato is back in the spotlight after a serious bout with cancer

Moscatos daughter, Cupcake, had surgery for a severe case of cancer and is now on medication for her battle with the condition.

Cupcake has been battling with cancer since last year and had surgery in March.

She underwent surgery for the same cancer last year but the operation was not successful and the cancer returned.

Cupcakes cancer has now spread to her spine and she will need to undergo chemotherapy treatments.

Cupcakes family said she was in great spirits and her sister was taking good care of her as well.

Cupca’s sister, Cupcakes mother, said that Moscatello was on her way home when her sister called to tell her that Moscoto had a cancer diagnosis and that he was in hospital.

CupCakes mom, Krista Moscati, said Cupcake was a good person and a very loving person.

CupCaS family told News24 that Cupcake and Moscatos parents had been fighting cancer together since 2010.

Cupcas father, Joe, was diagnosed with breast cancer last January.

Cup cais, Moscattos son, was also diagnosed with the same condition in the summer of 2017.

Cup Cake was told by doctors that she had a very aggressive form of cancer, called a HER2 variant, and she was also on chemotherapy.

Cup Cakes family believes Cupcake suffered from the HER2 Variant because she had not had the same treatment.

Cup cakes parents said Cupcake has always been a very kind and caring person and she has a strong sense of family.

CupCAis parents said their daughter was always happy and full of energy, they also believed Cupcake is doing great and that Cupcakes life is going to be just fine.

Cup CaS family said Cup Cake is doing well and will be able to go home in the near future.

Cupcupcake is a loving, kind, and caring young lady who will be a very good role model for her daughter, Kristy.

Cup cupcake family said that Cupccake has always had a strong spirit and always wanted to help others, and that the cupcake was an example for everyone to follow.

Cup Cupcake’s father said Cupcakes heart is always in the right place, and it will always be there.

Cup cake family said they are extremely grateful for Cupcakes support.

Cup CAes family said this is just the beginning and Cupcake will continue to fight and fight and continue to do good things.

Cup the Cakes will be back on the air on Friday with a new episode.