Why Apple Pie Cakes Are Awesome, But Not Really Delicious

I’m not sure how many times I’ve been to a cupcake shop or cupcake bakery, but the quality is usually the best I’ve seen.

The flavors are delicious and the decor is stunning, but there’s not really much to the experience that people who like cupcakes or cupcakes with a bit of baking on them might find interesting.

That all changes with the Apple Pie Cupcakes.

These cupcakes are made with the same batter, but with a deep-fried pastry filling instead of a traditional cupcake crust.

A deep-fryer helps the batter get fully incorporated into the pastry, and the resulting cakes are a delicious treat, even if they aren’t exactly as deep-fired as a traditional apple pie.

Apple Pie Cupscakes with Deep Fried Apple Pie CrustsApple Pie Cupcake with Deep-Fried Apple Piecrusts