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We’ve got a bunch of interesting news about the week ahead that we thought you’d like to know about, so let’s dive right in.1.

Nike will start selling its new Air Max with a different logo than the one used on the Air Max 1.0.

Nike has now confirmed that the AirMax 1.5 will get a new design that uses Nike’s new logo, rather than the current AirMax branding.

Nike said that the new logo is “a unique way to connect the Nike+ brand with its sports and entertainment history.”2.

Snapchat is adding a new feature that allows users to share their favorite images.

It is a little weird at first, but eventually Snapchat will let you share a photo with a friend who shares the same photo with you, so you can see who you’re sharing it with.3.

Twitter announced it has rolled out a new version of its Timeline that is more useful than the old Timeline.

It will let users tag photos with keywords that will give them relevant information on the images.

This is different than how Twitter lets you tag a photo to give you relevant details about the photo.

The new Timeline is also better at letting users find things like the people who are in your photos.4.

Google announced a new app that lets you search for restaurants using a Google Maps app.

The app will allow users to “tag restaurants in their own city,” which can be useful when you’re shopping for food.5.

Google is rolling out a Chrome extension that lets users easily search for the phrase “gift certificate,” which will let them find gift certificates for their own businesses.

This app will also allow people to add gift certificates to their own accounts.6.

Uber announced it is launching an extension that will allow drivers to send rides to customers who have registered on the app.

You can search for rides using the Uber app and then click on a rider’s name to see more details about that rider.

This extension will also let drivers see which rides they have received in the past and which riders they have met before.7.

Twitter has launched a new ad-supported service called “Twitter Premium.”

The service lets you pay for tweets that have a certain hashtag, so that you can easily see who has liked your tweet.

It also lets you rate the quality of tweets, which is a useful feature when it comes to finding out who likes your tweet more than you.8.

Samsung announced that it is changing the color of the Galaxy Note 5 to black, which will make it easier to read the display.

The change will take effect in the second quarter of 2018.9.

Microsoft said it is adding support for the “FaceTime” video calling app for iPhone and Android.

The feature will allow people who don’t have an Apple TV to communicate using a compatible device like an Apple Watch or a Google Chromecast.10.

Microsoft announced a partnership with Uber to bring its “Uber for iOS” app to the Mac.

The service will be available for Mac users starting with September 24, and is designed to give Mac users a way to make and receive calls.11.

Uber has announced that its new Uber app will be coming to more markets in the United States starting with the fall.

The ride-hailing service said it will be launching in Dallas and Austin in September.12.

Facebook will start offering an “Uber Pro” package for people who make $1,000 to $2,000 per year, with an additional $100 for each additional $1.

Uber said that it plans to launch this offering later this year.13.

Twitter is launching a new video chat feature that lets people text each other with an emoji.

This feature is similar to Apple’s FaceTime video chat service, but it’s more useful for sharing photos with people you know.14.

Google has rolled its own Chrome extension for Android called “Google Video” that will let people send videos from their Chrome browser to friends on Android phones.

The extension will allow anyone to send a video from Chrome to a Google Android phone.

It can also send a URL to send the video to Google’s YouTube channel.15.

The Google+ network is going to launch an “Ask” section that allows people to ask questions about a product or service.

People can use the Ask feature to ask for product reviews or questions about the site.16.

Facebook announced that there will be a new mobile app that allows its users to send messages directly to people on Facebook.

The Facebook app will start launching in the first quarter of 2019.17.

Google said it has partnered with Google Maps to make a new way for users to search for places they are looking for.

The company will add more places to its Places app, and the new