How to make german chocolates with your hands: Costco recipe

A Costco cupcake maker has been dubbed the “giant” in Germany after it was found to make the cupcakes for a customer.

The company, which has a shop in Germany, told the BBC that it had installed a sensor that could tell if a customer was not getting a good cupcake, and that its servers would be alerted to this if it happened again.

“If it happens a couple of times, we will have to adjust our cupcake-making procedures to ensure that customers get a good product,” the company said in a statement.

It added that the customer was “the one who decided that the german cupcake was not good enough”.

The company had previously said it would “never allow a customer to pay with cash or credit card” and it would not accept credit cards for its cupcakes.

However, it was not clear whether this meant customers were being asked to pay for their cupcakes themselves or were forced to buy the cupcake at the counter.

A spokesman for the company told the German newspaper Bild that the sensors could detect if customers had used credit cards to pay, and if so, it would alert the company to this.

“Our customers have a right to know that their cupcake is quality,” the spokesman said.

Costco’s sales and marketing director Markus Schulze told the local Welt newspaper that the company was aware of the situation and that customers should “not be afraid of the security measures” put in place to prevent people from using credit cards in their cupboards.

“The security measures we are taking are in line with our business practices and will prevent credit card misuse and theft,” he said.

“We have installed a new security system for the customers and we are working to implement it in our shops.”

A customer uses a knife to slice a cupcake for a cup cake maker at the shop in Munich, Germany, December 12, 2017.