How to make cold stone cupscakes, ice cream sandwiches, and cookies without a mixer

I was just in a New Orleans bar, enjoying a pint of the stuff.

There’s a sweet, comforting, rich flavor, and I’ve never had anything like it before.

I was thinking, I want to make these asap, and then when I made the cupcakes I thought to myself, how do I make them more like the ones I grew up with?

I wanted them to be a bit less dense than they already are.

And that was when I realized that you could easily make your own ice cream.

And not just any ice cream, but a homemade vanilla ice cream flavor.

The recipe I’m sharing is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, so I’m going to share it with you.

First things first, you need to make your ice cream first.

I made a batch of my own vanilla ice creams by hand.

It was the perfect size, but not quite the right amount.

You need a cupcake tin, a large mug, a bowl, a whisk, and some ice.

So that’s it.

I didn’t want to go overboard, so the ice cream took a little while to thaw.

But after it cooled, I had a big batch.

And the next day I used that to make my cupcakes.

They were super moist and delicious.

Next time, I think I’d try making them in the blender, because I love that idea.

You could make a batch the day before, or just a couple of days before.

Either way, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

They’ll still taste like a real ice cream with a vanilla flavor, but they’ll taste a lot better.

Here’s how to make them: