A cake maker who’s a little too proud to use a number 1 is facing a court case

Posted March 21, 2019 11:59:36A cake maker from Melbourne has been banned from using a number one because she’s a “little too proud” to use the number one.

Key points:A Victorian man was banned from having a number-one cake for being too proud of his number One cakeThe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says it is not a rule and it will not enforce itA spokeswoman for the ACCC says the rules about number ones are not enforcedThe woman, who asked to not be named, has since moved to New Zealand.

She had planned to make her first batch of cake in Melbourne, and wanted to celebrate her birthday with friends.

“I’m very happy about my number one cake,” she said.

“It was just the thought of making it and being the only one to do it that made me really happy.”

So that’s why I’ve decided to go and make it here.

“But the ACCF says the rule banning number ones from being used in cakes is not enforced.”

The Australian Consumer Commission has made it clear that there is no ‘rule’ on the number-1, and that the ACCCA will not seek to enforce it,” ACCC spokeswoman Claire Robinson said.ABC News’ Ben Dyer reports.