Why is this restaurant so popular?

The owners of this new restaurant, a new restaurant in a very new location in the heart of Manhattan, are going to be making a huge splash when they open their doors on October 7.

The owners have already made their name with their original cafe, which opened in NYC’s Greenwich Village in 2001, and with the recent move into a more upscale space, the owners are bringing their new diner into the city, a restaurant that will be able to offer patrons a better experience.

The restaurant will have a very intimate setting with seating at the top of the stairs, which will give patrons a chance to sit and relax.

They’ll also be able access the kitchen to serve their menu, which includes an original cupcake with chocolate chips and pistachios, and fresh seasonal fruit juices.

The kitchen will also have seating for the customers, with the owners hoping to expand that seating to provide more seating in the coming weeks.

The interior of the restaurant is designed to be as rustic and welcoming as possible, and will have rustic furniture, rustic decor, and even an old-fashioned wooden stove.

The decor of the dining room will also be different from what you would find in a traditional café.

It will feature vintage-inspired artwork on the walls and will feature old photographs of the owners, who have been regulars in the restaurant for decades.

The restaurant will be located at 477 Madison Ave, Brooklyn, New York 10122.