What to watch this week in movies, TV, and video games: All the best movies, tv shows, and games on Netflix

On Sunday, Netflix revealed that it has begun rolling out a new service that will allow its subscribers to watch all the movies and TV shows that they want from any given month.

The new service, dubbed Netflix Originals, is a streaming service that includes all the titles that are available on Netflix’s streaming platform, including those that Netflix doesn’t own.

There are already a ton of great Netflix Origines, including the beloved House of Cards, but the new service promises to make it even easier to binge-watch them all.

There will also be a ton more titles to watch, including a bunch of classic films, new ones, and a whole bunch of other titles that Netflix hasn’t released yet.

The service is currently available on iOS and Android, and it’s going to be rolling out to all of the major streaming platforms on January 13th.

In order to get ahold of the new Netflix Origins, you’ll need to sign up for a Netflix account.

Once you have signed up for an account, you can search for a movie or TV show on Netflix, and the content will appear on the screen as you type.

The movies and tv shows that you can watch from this month are listed on the right hand side of the screen, and you can choose to view them in either HD or 1080p.

If you don’t want to watch in HD, you will have to change the quality of the movie or show to 720p.

The titles that you want to view in 1080p can be sorted by date, and when you scroll through the titles, you get a list of movies that have been added to Netflix Origination.

Netflix Originations have also been available to watch on Netflix for a few years now, so it’s really not too far behind other streaming services in terms of content.

If your family members and friends don’t have a Netflix subscription, you might be able to watch a few of these titles on the couch or on the go.

You can also check out the full list of titles that were added to the service, which includes some of the biggest hits of all time.

Netflix says that there will be a lot of titles to enjoy from this year’s Netflix Originates, but you’ll probably only be able watch them on one device at a time.

If that’s the case, you should start checking out Netflix Originated movies, which include a lot more titles than the previous Netflix Originate service.