Georgetown Cupcakes: Delivery to the United States is $5.99!

The Georgetown Cupcake delivery is an absolute steal at $5,299!

For $3,799, you can get a custom made cupcake with a frosting layer that is made with real ingredients like chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

And with the $539 delivery fee, you get all of the perks you could want in a cupcake delivery, including the ability to add your own personalized cake.

And if you don’t have a cake, you could get a customized cupcake and custom icing that is $299.95.

We are not going to make the mistake of saying that you can’t get a free cupcake from a cupcakes location.

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Georgetown cupcakes are made by the Georgetown cupcake company, but they are available to order online and at their retail locations.

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Georgetown offers an awesome cupcake service and a delicious cupcake shop that is worth a visit.