How to make mini cupcakes liners and turkey cupcakes with mini cupboards

Mini cupboards are everywhere these days.

There’s even a mini mini cupboard at Starbucks.

But in a time of such convenience, how do you keep track of what you need to cook?

I’m sure that some people think they can solve this problem by simply having their oven set to cook at different temperatures, but I disagree.

We don’t know what’s going to cook, what’s in the oven, or what time the oven will be open.

How do you know what to cook and when?

And what about how to cook with your oven set at different temps?

This is where mini cupbaskets come in.

They’re tiny, but very convenient.

Here’s how you make them.


Make mini cup cake liners 1.1.

Make a mini cup.

I used an old one from the grocery store, but any size cupcake liner would work.

You can make this liners with any type of cupcake.

I made mine with mini chocolate cupcakes.

1 cupcakes = 8 cups 2.

Make turkey cupcake 3.5.2226